New Mexico Grown

Premium Cannabis

What makes us different?
Organically Grown

Organically amended outdoor soil beds & synthetic nutrient blend indoors.

Custom Soil

We have a proprietary blend of soil used to grow all of our outdoor plants.

High Quality

High quality buds from the healthiest plants rigorously tested for potency, pesticides, terpenes & microbes.


Sustainable practices on our farm. Composting all old material & taking care of mother earth.


We focus on making sure our plants & products meet the highest purity standards.

Featured Strains

Blueberry OG

An indica dominant hybrid with euphoric & creative effects.

Apple Fritter

An indica dominant hybrid, apple fritter has a powerful & relaxing high.


A hybrid strain crossed between Chemdawg & Gelatti offering an arousing & happy high.

Check out the farm!

   True Roots Farm rests on pristine land under the enchanting New Mexico sky.  Check out a day in the life on the farm here.

Where To Buy

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